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On Friday, October 12, at 7:45 p.m., my wife, Tonya Stevens, was murdered while taking a bath. According to the autopsy, her head was struck once by a blunt object which rendered her unconscious. Her head slipped under the bath water, and she asphyxiated.

On the night of the murder, video evidence shows me entering a grocery store a couple miles from our home after work and exiting a few minutes later. Upon arriving home from the grocery, I came upon her lifeless body in the tub and immediately called the police.

No murder weapon has been found.

After a short investigation, I was named the primary suspect and an arrest warrant was issued. Despite the lack of evidence, the police have never considered another suspect.

My name is Kurt Stevens, and everything I’m about to tell you is true.

Capital Offense was originally released as a web serial, with new chapters released for free on the internet every day from September 30, 2013 through January 28, 2014.  The complete book was available for free online through February 5, 2014, and is now available through major bookstores.

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