About the Project

All of the studies are the same: readership in America is dropping.

But this isn’t really true.  If we were to count the words that Americans are reading, I would bet that we’re reading more than ever before.

What these studies really ought to say is that we’re not reading books as much as we used to.  In reality, we’re spending our time reading Tweets and Facebook statuses, and we’re  reading blogs.  But we’re still reading.

Instead of bemoaning the state of the industry and crossing our fingers that the world will reverse itself and you’ll buy books again, we’ve decided to bring the art to the readers. We decided to present the material to you where you’re reading it, in the way that you’re reading thousands of words every day.  If you prefer to read books online, I say that’s awesome, we can do that.

So each day, most days of the week, we’ll present a new section of Kurt Stevens’ fantastic new thriller, Capital Offense.  We hope that you’ll enjoy this novel, and we hope that you’ll engage in discussion as the text presents itself.

Unlike many web serials, the complete text of Capital Offense already exists and has been carefully edited and produced by the staff at Columbus Press.  It’s our ambition to bring the same professional quality that you expect out of printed books to you here on the web.

We hope that you enjoy Capital Offense, and that it jumpstarts the imaginations of readers, writers and publishers.

-Brad Pauquette
CEO, Columbus Press